Sunday, 19 April 2009

coke, mousse and snes

well well well, the old blogmeister...have'nt touched this thing in a month. i'd like to say ive had a writers block but i could have written so much in this thing i would have lost my fingers due to early arthritis.

interesting life i lead during redundancy, but the thing ill not miss is how much sleep i get to have. i love sleep, but for some reason i feeel more liek death in the morning when ive had more sleep than when ive had less. i can spend 12 hours head on pillow time (and i dont mean biting the pillow) and wake up feeling like ive just recovered from kemotherapy and a 6 month coma - but if i wake up after say 6 hours, i can bop out of bed, sing the cha cha slide and backflip all the way down the stairs no hassle!!!
im not entirely sure why and my mum was the same but does anyone get this aswell???....i cant eat when ive woken up?! it takes a couple of hours before i actually want anything, dont get me wrong im a BIG fan of cereal and tesco receipts would prove that but when i wake up, id rather not eat sod all as im just not physically hungry!

anyways as far as ramblings go i could carry the fuck on...but instead ill tell you what im doing at this exact moment:

im watching an irishman make an italian plumber float via what appears to be a badgers tail getting attacked by some round shiny things...can you guess what it is yet?

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